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Local SEO

Knowledgeable marketers realise the importance of personalised local SEO to make their business visible in geographically-related searches, whether it’s for serviced-based businesses or physical establishments. Through local SEO, we can grow your business to increase rankings and conversionsand enable users to find your business more easily through navigational apps and mobile devices.

We utilise various techniques to help businesses grow their brand on a local scale and increase their digital presence. At TyMedia, we take a strategic approach to market companies in the right way and in the right places to attract targeted customers, delivering excellent results for our clients.

National SEO

National SEO is a long-term investment, but it can yield excellent results with the right strategy. The impact it can have on your business is vast, from increasingsite traffic to growth in customer acquisition. But success with national SEO relies on a thorough understanding of customer intent, search algorithms and the ways in which companies can stand out among their competitors.

If you’re looking to promote your services, products or content on a broader scale, we can help. From a detailed evaluation of user behaviours to identifying the keywords that best align your business with targeted search queries, we can work with you to develop a successful national SEO campaign.

E-commerce SEO

A successful e-commerce strategy relies heavily on SEO, from keyword-detailed product descriptions to category optimisation to maximise sales. E-commerce has become a progressively competitive market with an increase in online businesses every year. In order to see results, brands need to find ways to acquire customers and encourage repeat sales.

That’s where a focused SEO strategy that’s tailored to your brand comes in, providing your business with the best ROI. We personalise our e-commerce SEO services to your specific goals to ensure that the strategy put in place truly aligns with your business. Using tried and tested techniques and data-driven research, we can help you connect your business to your ideal customers for greater results.

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When it comes to search engines, credibility is key and one of the best ways to achieve authority is through trustworthy links.

A strong link building strategy based on natural link building behaviours will place your brand in an great position in the eyes of search engines, resulting in higher rankings and an increase in traffic to your site.


Many businesses are unaware of the impact ignoring technical SEO issues can have on their site’s performance.

However minor they may seem initially, ignoring these issues leaves websites open to negative impact both in terms of user experience and in search rankings.

Hiring an experienced technical SEO team to tackle these problems early on will ensure your site performs at maximum capacity.


Whether you suspect there are technical problems affecting your business’ performance or you’re concerned that the optimisation of your site could be improved, an SEO audit is a great way to diagnose any factors that are impacting your visibility.

If you'd like to find out more about carrying out an SEO audit please do get in touch.

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