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Paid search engine marketing can be an extremely effective ingredient to an overall digital marketing plan.

Pay Per Click advertising enables you to deliver highly targeted advertising messages directly to your potential customers when they are searching for services / products you offer.

Google Ads Management

Google Ads

As a business owner, you’re guaranteed to be on the lookout for ways to generate more leads and increased sales for your company. A successful way of doing this is through Google Ads, which allow you to gain the attention of customers when they’re searching for businesses just like yours. With Google ads, you can increase the number of hits your site receives, expand your readership and benefit from more conversions through campaigns that are built around generating ROI.

At TyMedia, we have a wealth of experience in planning and designing effective PPC campaigns that convert viewers into buyers and ensure that your budget is spent on the keywords that convert. Using in-depth data analysis, we can provide you with a personalised and targeted PPC strategy that is optimised to meet your specific goals and targets. 

Facebook Ads Management

Facebook Ads

With more than one billion users logging in each day around the globe, advertising your brand through Facebook makes great commercial sense. Social media has transformed the way businesses connect with their audiences, providing a fantastic way of building genuine relationships and cultivating positive brand exposure. It gives businesses a vast platform for promotion and, with our Facebook advertising services, you’ll benefit from a targeted marketing plan to help you gain maximum reach and traction for your business.

Our Facebook ads are focused on driving relevant users to your business for a great return on investment. It’s typically more affordable than other Pay Per Click methods, plus it allows for more specific targeting so you can focus your campaigns on the demographics you really want to reach.

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Instagram Ads Management

Instagram Ads

Instagram pairs well with any PPC marketing strategy – it drives more customers to your business, increases brand awareness and allows you to share your message with an engaged audience. With more than 400 million users and higher ad recall than other advertising platforms, Instagram is a brilliant choice for publicising your business, products and services.

Instagram ads are cost-effective and hyper-targeted, so you can reach specific demographics, from email subscribers to recent site visitors, for a greater conversion rate. TyMedia can develop a tailored strategy to meet your business’ requirements and goals, using our expertise to make the most of Instagram as a platform for marketing. From planning and ad creation to choosing the right audience and optimisation, we’ll take care of every step of the process for brilliant results.

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