SEO or Pay Per Click?

A popular question for many owners of small businesses when it comes to driving visitors to their web site.

These two methods are without doubt the most effective traffic sources available and each method has advantages and disadvantages to consider.

(PPC) – Pay Per Click

Oxford Dictionary“(Online) a business model in which a company that has placed an advertisement on a site pays an amount of money to the site host when a user clicks the  advertisement link.”

PPC is also often referred to as paid search marketing.

Pay-Per-Click Advantages

Full control — you are completely in control of your advertisement copy, the keywords that will trigger your adverts and the URL that the visitor is sent to as soon as they click your ad.

Instant traffic to your site — pay-per-click offers you the opportunity to have advertisements at the top of search results instantly after setting up a PPC campaign.

No worries about algorithm updates — unlike the unpaid (organic) search results that undergo algorithm updates, PPC advertisements are not affected.

Laser target your audience — your ideal clients can be targeted by controlling the geographical areas that will see your advertisement, enabling small businesses to target potential local clients only.

Full brand dominance — Paid search marketing allows you to control prime real estate in the search outcomes when your brand comes up in the paid search results and natural results.

Pay-Per-Click Disadvantages

Must extensively test — Pay per click takes so much ongoing testing and personal experience, which is why campaign managers are hired by a lot of small businesses  to take care of their PPC management.

Can be very costly — pay-per-click can be very costly if the campaign is not set up correctly, it would resulting to a depleted budget with little to nothing to show from it. Many business owners give up at this point as they see very little return for their money. However, this is the time to press forward as you now have some valuable data to work with!

You Must constantly optimise  — Paid search marketing is not a “set it and forget it” advertising alternative, as PPC campaigns need optimising constantly and fine tuning in order to ensure the ads keep performing and producing a ROI. (Return On Investment)

 SEO – Search Engine Optimisation:

“The involves the maximization of the amount of visitors to a certain site by making sure that the website appears high on the list of results returned by a search engine.” — The Oxford Dictionary

Search results gotten through Search Engine Optimisation are known as “organic results” because they are the unpaid (natural) results that the search engine returns when search query occurs.

SEO Advantages

Credibility and Natural exposure — holding a top organic (unpaid) search result not only offers so much exposure but a lot of clients see unpaid search results as more dependable due to the fact they are unpaid advertisements.

Exposure on different search engines — top quality SEO can give your small business more exposure on different search engines, such as Yahoo, Google, Bing and AOL.

Big ROI potential — the unpaid search results will naturally attract more clicks which bring in more revenue and conversions, and an ultimately solid ROI.

Consistent Traffic & Visitors – Once your web site is ranking well for multiple terms you will get a consistent source of potential customers to your website day in day out. 

 SEO Disadvantages

Highly competitive — several business keywords and categories are highly competitive and your business may be up for a battle against the big corporations with large resources and budget.

No business owner begins an SEO campaign or hires a SEO company with the intention of going after page 2 — everybody wants page 1 and ultimately the top spot.

Susceptible to algorithm updates — search results are shuffled by algorithm updates, making organic rankings fluctuate and potentially months of — this is the reason why it is highly necessary to utilise an SEO company that uses a wide variety of White Hat link building methods rather than mass link building strategies.

Quality SEO is time consuming — SEO can take several months to realise results, but when it is done correctly, it can result in a nice ROI and consistent website traffic.


While pay-per-click marketing can develop instant results you must be willing to spend the money. PPC provides you the opportunity to dominate the top paid search results. In the long run, SEO can deliver a solid return and while it requires time to do it right, you don’t want to take any short cuts that will endanger your website.

Still wondering if pay-per-click or SEO is the perfect option for your business? Using both works really well, however, it boils down to your goals and available budget.

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