Effective SEO That Gets Results

TyMedia can build an effective SEO strategy to match your requirements and expectations. We have a great track record in delivering results in a wide variety of business sectors. Choosing TyMedia to deliver your SEO campaign will mean you get:

  • Increased Targeted Visitors To Your Website
  • Increased Leads & Enquiries
  • Increased Sales
  • Increased Brand Exposure


In order for your website to attract visitors from the search engines effectively you will need to ensure that your SEO (search engine optimisation) goes further than just making sure your pages and content are set up correctly.

SEO has changed a lot over the years but remains one of the most cost effective marketing channels available. An SEO strategy that is implemented correctly can help your business gain a good advantage over your competition. A good / successful SEO campaign will mean over time your website gets increased visibility in the search engines through increased search engine rankings.

But – SEO is not a quick route to success. Every aspect of the link building process needs to look as natural as possible in order to stand the best possible chance of ranking improvements. The amount of work required to get your site the exposure you want really depends on what sector you are in / area you are targeting and level of competition. Rush things and you could well get the dreaded penalty notice email from our ‘friends’ at Google!

SEO can be a complex process comprising of many elements. Good SEO is not about chasing fast results, it is about playing the long game and making sure you are ticking as many boxes as possible with the focus being on long term stable rankings that consistently bring the targeted traffic you want to your website.



The above example shows multiple keyword rankings for high value keywords which have lead to a significant increase in enquiries for our client. When we started SEO the only terms they were ranking for were brand / company name terms.

So, if you want to find out how we can help your business fill out the form at the bottom of this page…


This is a question we get asked the most! The answer is, there is no fixed price for SEO as the amount of work varies so much from sector to sector. Pricing varies enormously when it comes to SEO as there is so much to consider.

One thing for sure is that we can tell you that we are an honest SEO company. Our pricing structure works on a sliding scale system. This means, once we have achieved your desired rankings, we reduce your monthly cost. Why do we do this? Well, once we have got your web site ranking our work decreases and we call this phase the maintenance phase. This means that you can be sure you are getting the best value service out there.

Simple answer is No.

We offer a pay as you go service. If you decide you no longer want to use the service, just let us know and we’ll stop. We are confident that you’ll love the results we get for you so will want to continue.

Assuming you pay us for the recommended initial period in our proposal, after we get your website ranking you might think that if should stop using us and that’s it, job done.

Maintaining rankings still requires work / further link building so once you are where you want to be we put the project on maintenance phase otherwise your rankings will start to drop.

This is the second most frequent question we get asked!

It really depends on number of factors and as a result we can’t give a blanket answer to all. Only once we have a better understanding of your industry, competition level, your goals and locations can we begin to answer this question.

We will howere provide a realistic response in our initial proposal to you which will give you a clearer understanding of timeframes and work involved to get there.

To find out the answer to this question just get in touch and request a proposal from us!

Again, until we find out more about your needs and goals we can’t really answer this question truthfully.

Once we get started on your project we will carry out initial analysis of your website and give you the low-down on what your site needs to be given the best chance of ranking. In our experience however, most websites need some work carrying out. That may be a relatively simple on-page optimisation task carrying out or adding some quality content or it could be a complete re-structure of the existing content.


If you are ready to start your project or want to find out more about what TyMedia can do for your online venture let’s talk! We love to be prepared before we have our first discussion so if you can provide us with some additional information about your project it would be a great help.



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