To: Nico - Sams Gutters

From: Jeremy Bolton

Hi Nico! 

Thanks for filling out my form :-)
I have completed the ad campaign for you!

And I created this short page to show you how
I think I can help you get more clients.
(In just 5 simple steps)

And not just only with your Gutter Cleaning Service but
pretty much any service that you offer.

1. Let's Find Your Best New Clients!

It All Starts With....

So using some cool tools on Facebook, we have the ability to show advertisements to virtually anybody that we want!

  • (By Distance) - X Miles Away From Your Office
  • (By Postcodes) - Specific Postcodes Only
  • (By Income Level) - Those that make a certain amount of money, to target more affluent clients. 
  • (By Age)
  • (Male or Female)
  • ​(Interests) - Very specific things they like on Facebook
  • ​(Groups and Events) - If they joined any group or event
  • ​(Your Direct Competitors) - If they have a relationship with one of your competitors (we can specifically advertise to them)

So our ability to laser target your best
new Clients on Facebook is unparalleled.

But we're just starting!

2. After we find the right person...

We show up in their Facebook News feed with an Advertisement like...

And then we have this image that really catches attention
and communicates the emotion they are
feeling and then asking a question...

Gutters Blocked? Been Meaning To Get Them Cleared?

I created an attractive offer (20% Off) and offered a promotion.
This is only ONE type of Facebook promotion we can run.

I can also show different promotions we can run if you want to get clients
ffering a discount.

(This just works especially well if you want to get a lot of customers fairly quickly)

I’ve tested this specific promotion in several different
markets and had a lot of success.

Now the only people who see this ad are the people we
have selected – so it’s really powerful.

3. And once they have clicked the advert we take them to a page like this...

This will be custom designed for your business!

This is called the Landing Page
and I will design it by selecting relevant imagery that most
properly conveys what the offer may look like.

Above Image Is An Example Only

And here the text simply says...

"Claim Your 20% Off Your Gutter Clean"

And once they click “Claim Your 20% Off Your Gutter Clean” –
that’s the moment when we collect their information.

And then we collect their name, phone number and email address. 

And that's the moment when the lead comes to you!

So we do all the hard work for you!

4. The BIG Mistake That Most Businesses Make At This Point Is...

So one big mistake lots of companies are making once a customer
requests their service is they simply send them to a page
where they say...“Thank you – we are going to contact you soon”.

But in reality the Thank You Page is another opportunity to do two things:

1. Create urgency — to motivate people to take action now and avoid procrastination.
2. Offer additional services - Many people take up a secondary promo offer here!

So we are giving them a reason to call now,
which is going to save you time because you don’t have
to chase the leads, the leads will come to you and your phone will ring.

We can also include bonus offers here also.

5. What About Those That Don't Enter Their Details?

And for the people who didn’t take action – meaning they came to this beautiful
designed page but they didn’t actually give their contact information?

We will continue to re target them!

Meaning those ads that just follow you all around the internet everywhere you go?

We created those. And we say this:

And we have your phone number on there!

They will see this all the time they come online so your business
will stay top of mind. This is extremely effective!

Basically your phone WILL ring!!

And lastly we designed a series of emails that we’ll send out
to each prospect to continue to engage them
and bring them into your office!

How good is that?

In the past I have seen campaigns like this
generate as many as 50 leads in 24 hours...

So, if you would like me to run this campaign I created for you,
I would be more than happy to do this.

And I mean more than happy to do it for FREE.

I don’t believe in asking for your business, I believe in earning it.

So, with your permission I would like to turn this campaign on for a
few days and if you like the results you get - then we can discuss
working together in the future.

My name is Jeremy, Facebook Ads Expert, and I
look forward to hearing from you!

Thank you!

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