Welcome To The 3 Step Cheat Sheet Guide To
Getting More Diners Through The Door!

Firstly - Thanks for your interest
in my customer boosting Facebook Strategy!

Below you will find the three simple steps I deploy to significantly
raise local awareness and increase restaurant bookings
- all utilising the awesome power of Facebook!
(which incidentally is where a very high percentage of your customers will be!)

Step 1 - Create Your Offer & Advert

For this strategy to work (in my experience) you need an offer -
now this can be anything like 'Get A Free Starter' /
'Free Bottle Of Wine' / '20% Off Your Food Bill'

Once you have decided on your offer - we then need to create a compelling message to go with that offer and go and create a Facebook Ad
Below is an example for inspiration :-)

Note how the advert asks a question & contains a review?
This really helps with user engagement with the advert which is what we want!

Now before you create your advert you will be asked to fill in details regarding your daily budget (ad spend) and most importantly - Targeting

(Targeting defines the 'audience' you want to show your advert to) 

Facebook is a master in this field - you can choose to display your advert to a very specific audience. In this case you would want to target people that have a certain income level, certain age, specific location,
interested in eating out, fine dining etc etc

Once you have set this up Facebook will tell you
roughly what your 'audience size' is.

Make sure this figure isn't too low. 

Example Of Targeting Options

  • (By Distance) - X Miles Away From Your Restaurant
  • (By Postcodes) - Specific Postcodes Only
  • (By Income Level) - Those that make a certain amount of money, to target more affluent clients. 
  • (By Age)
  • (Male or Female)
  • ​(Interests) - Very specific things they like on Facebook
  • ​(Groups and Events) - If they joined any group or event or if they are planning a trip to your local area
  • ​(Your Direct Competitors) - If they have a relationship with one of your competitors (you can specifically advertise to them)

So you ability to laser target your best
new customers on Facebook is unparalleled.

Step 2 - Create The Offer Page (Landing Page)

Now by now you should have a good idea on what
your offer is going to be and how your advert will look...

Now what?

Well we now need to create a specific web page that contains
your 'offer' that is optimised to increase the chances
of people taking the offer up.

One mistake most businesses make when using paid adverts is
they just send people direct to their website home
page or some un-optimised internal page!

This is wrong and leads to a lot of wasted money and lost custom!
You should always be sending people to a 
very specific (and optimised) Landing Page like the one below:

You can see in this example the text simply says...

"Claim Your 20% Off Voucher"

And once they click “Claim Your 20% Off Voucher” –
that’s the moment when you collect their information.

And then you automatically collect their name,
phone number and email address!

And that's the moment when the enquiry comes to you!

Simple right?

So you might be thinking how do I do this? I'm not a web designer!

Luckily for you, there are some real simple tools out there to create these Landing Pages which make the whole process really easy if you
have a bit of time to invest in learning how to get it set up. 

By far the best tool for landing page creation is ClickFunnels - now it is a paid tool but they do run a 14 day FREE trial so you can test it out and see if it works for you. Click here for more information on ClickFunnels.

Step 3 - The Thank You Page 

So one big mistake lots of restaurants are making once a
customer takes advantage of their offer is they simply
send them to a page where they say...

“Thank you – we look forward to seeing you soon”

But in reality the Thank You Page is another opportunity to do two things:

1. Create urgency — to motivate people to take
action now and avoid procrastination.

2. Offer additional offers! - Many people take up
a secondary promo offer here!

Take a look at the example 'Thank-You' page below:

So you are giving them a really good reason to
call & book now, which is going to save you time
because you don’t have to chase them up!

Step 4 - Bonus Step :-) - Re-targeting!

Now what about all those people that click your advert but
didn't actually get round to filling in their details?

Well with Facebook you can easily re-target them with an advert like this:

And you can have your phone number on there!

They will see this all the time they come online so your restaurant
will get maximum exposure. This is an extremely effective strategy! 

Basically your phone WILL ring!!

To set up re-targeting you will have to have a basic understanding of how
to set up the tracking system Facebook uses (The Pixel)

That is pretty much my entire system that I use to generate more business for my clients - it just works and is so simple! 

I hope you have got some useful tips from this cheat sheet guide...

All Sounds Great - But I'm Far
Too Busy To Set This Up!

Having worked in the catering trade myself for many years as a chef,
I fully understand that you are always really busy and
probably won't have the time to spend on setting
this system up for your restaurant...

So, for a limited time only I want to make this offer to you:

I will set EVERYTHING up for you and run a two week trial!

Great I hear you say - But how much will you charge me?

Nothing - That's right not a penny. 

I don't believe in asking for your business, I believe in earning it!

So, if you are just too busy but want this system set up for
your restaurant, I would be more than happy to do this.

And I mean more than happy to do it for FREE.

I'll then run it for a couple of weeks and if you like the results
you get - then we can discuss working together in the future.

All I ask is that during the trial period you pay Facebook direct for
the cost of running the adverts...

Sounds fair enough?

All you need to do now is click the big button below to get things moving!

My name is Jeremy, Facebook Ads Expert, and I
look forward to hearing from you!

Thank you!

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