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If your Adwords campaigns are performing rather poorly, you are not alone. Truth be told, Adwords is constantly evolving and becoming increasingly complex, which is why you need to keep up with the latest updates from the Adwords team. Recent changes to the way Quality Score is measured has made making the part-time management of campaigns quite challenging for a lot of business owners.

The key to creating successful Adwords campaigns can be as simple as ensuring you are completely devoted to your campaign. Always test and measure every change or refinement meticulously to determine whether your change was indeed effective. Make it a habit. That way, you will also know the source of your problems (do they come from inside or outside your account?) and act accordingly. Just be careful not to change much at once. Not because this is wrong. You will just be stressing yourself with more work. No reason to go to such extremes, when there is an easier path to take.

Reasons Why An Adwords Campaign May Under-Perform

Of the many reasons why an Adwords campaign may fall short, we will highlight the most common ones. Undoubtedly, businesses that don’t utilise the power of marketing psychology when planning their campaigns are doomed to fail. Also, any faults with (1) Keyword Selection, (2) Ad Copy/Landing Pages, and/or (3) Management can lead to a flop. To run a successful Adwords campaign, you need to take customers psychology into serious consideration when selecting your keywords and crafting your landing paged and ads. And, don’t forget to test and measure!

Are you attracting the right people?

The selection of your keywords is an important procedure. Always evaluate their performance to know whether you are getting the right visitors. Last year, Adwords introduced what you may hear referred to as Close Variant Matching. This means that the way people connect with the business they are searching for has changed to all exact and phrase match keywords, and, of course, calls for adjustments on your behalf. Otherwise, you are probably getting traffic (or negative traffic) that you don’t need, meaning people that are not interested in your services or products. Adding negative keywords is the best way to help solve this issue and improve the overall performance of your existing keywords.
Points to note:

  • Never use head terms in your Adwords campaigns. Better concentrate on terms widely used by your customers.
  • Use phrases of more than two words. In fact, if you switch all your keywords to phrase and exact match that would be great (don’t forget the negative keywords).
  • Avoid ambiguous phrases at all costs.
  • Always split test your ads. Before you design your own ads, better check out the ads displaying for a term. Then proceed to develop Ad Groups in pairs.
  • Make your ads distinctive. If you have done extensive keyword and customer research, then you also need to produce high-quality ads to help searchers discriminate between ads easier.
  • Create bespoke landing pages with a clear CTA (Call-To-Action) to prevent customers from bouncing.

Also, don’t omit adding Adwords’ conversion tracking code to them so you know about your customers’ journey after they click your ad.

We Can Help!

Need help with creating your Adwords campaign? Does all this sound too complicated? Contact us now to discuss how we can help you get leads from Adwords without costing you a fortune, through a transparent procedure with no commissions on your click spend and no false promises.

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