Get Your AdWords Campaign Audit

A recent study looked at over £200 million pounds worth of Ad spend, 90 billion impressions, 500 million clicks, and more than 26 million keywords in hundreds of industries across the world. Amongst all that data,  3 important discoveries were made:

Most advertisers aren’t tracking conversions effectively!

Most advertisers bid on too many keywords!

The majority (up to 80%) of ad spend is wasted!

Odds are, your competition are struggling with all three of these problems— which gives you the advantage if you get your campaign looked at today.

Conversion Tracking

On average, only 29% of AdWords accounts have effective conversion tracking in place. 42% have no conversion tracking in place.

Another 29% have made a token effort at conversion tracking, but only 29% of AdWords accounts actually know which keywords produce conversions.


Bidding On The Wrong Keywords

Most advertisers bid on way too many keywords. They’re afraid of missing out on potentially interested customers, so they cast as wide of a keyword net as possible.

The problem is, big nets are expensive.

And, as it turns out, less than 6% of keywords produce 100% of the conversions.

That means 94% of keywords are useless.

Most Ad Spend is Wasted

The average AdWords account wastes 75.80% of its budget on non-converting search terms.

In other words, your competition is probably spending 76% of their AdWords budget on searches that have never and will never produce any value for their business.


Now, you’d think the connection between wasted ad spend would be linear— every 10% increase in wasted ad spend would increase your cost-per-conversion by around 10%.

However, the relationship is actually exponential—every 10% increase in wasted ad spend increases your cost-per-conversion by 44-72%.


Chances are that your campaign is failing in one or more of the above areas, possibly more…To find out exactly where you are going wrong, fill out the form at the top of this page to get your FREE campaign audit under way. No hassle, no commitment  – just some helpful pointers to help put you on the right track.


James Robinson

Thank you all for the recent AdWords audit you carried out for my website, since implementing the recommended changes we have seen a much better conversion rate and it’s actually costing us less money!

Maria Houston

Wow, I never realised how much money we were wasting on our AdWords campaigns. TyMedia have really shown us the way in terms of getting the best out of our PPC campaign. Thanks guys…

Marcus Daley

Great experience working with TyMedia on our AdWords campaign. We will continue to use you for our PPC work as we have seen fantastic improvements in lead quality, cost per conversion and quality score across all our campaigns.