Five Reasons Your Business Must Utilise Facebook Advertising

Deciding how to advertise your business on the internet can be challenging. The go to solution or staring point is for most businesses Google AdWords. Businesses often fail to take into consideration other ad platforms, particularly Facebook Ads.

Here are 5 good reasons in this post why your businesses should be advertising on Facebook.

Reason 1: You can budget just £1 Per Day And Still Get Results

£1 per day is the minimum amount that can be spent on Facebook ads in the United Kingdom. Although, with just £1 per day you can target thousands of individuals that meet the targeting criteria you selected.

For that kind of spend on AdWords, it would be a total fluke for you to get just one click per day.

With several bid types on offer, you can select the required bidding for your campaign objectives. As of now, there are 4 types of bid to choose from:

CPM- Cost per mille

Increase brand awareness and exposure by bidding per thousand impressions for maximum exposure.

CPC- Cost per click

If you really want people to click on your ad through to your website or facebook page, with CPC bidding, you can select maximum bid per click.

oCPM- Optimised cost per mille

This is when Facebook displays your ad to people that are likely to take action on your ad.

CPA- Cost per action

If you are wanting to measure when facebook users take certain actions when they come across your facebook advert, such as the user liking your page, this is the best option.

With a lot of alternatives for budget and bidding, it is necessary for you to select the most ideal options for your advertising goals to get the most out of your campaign.

Reason 2:  The Facebook Ads Targeting Options Are Fantastic

Facebook ads are highly targeted to the users’ interests and demographic unlike AdWords and not specific search terms.

These are some great instances of how you can target your ad campaign using the available targeting options:

Provide business consultancy or services?

Consider targeting “marketing”, “business” and “advertising” interested users. You may require targeting people above 30 who are likely to be in people in authoritative positions. You can also target people that are “Business Owners”.

Sell ladies fashion wear on-line?

Target on-line females interested in “fashion / shopping”. Set an age range and target only those who people who usually shop on-line using the Digital Activities behavioural targeting.

Run an on-line dating website?

Target singles and have separate ads for different gender interests to make them as specific and relevant to the user as possible.

Only offer services in your local area?

Specifically target the geographical region in which you operate, whether it’s a country, city, village or even postcode region.

With so many targeting options and combinations available, you can ensure that your budget is only spent on the most relevant audience, meaning you can get value out of even the smallest spend.

Reason 3: A Large Audience That Will Include Your Prospective Clients & Customers

Facebook has over 1 Billion users!  You can be sure that whatever line of business you are operating and in whatever niche or industry, a good proportion of your target users will be on Facebook.

With the wide range of targeting that Facebook offers you can ensure your advertisements are viewed by your specific target audience.

If you operate in a B2B industry, it can be very hard to get your offer / service exposure during the normal working hours.

Reason 4:  Easily Monitor Ad Spend, ROI and Performance

Whatever you end up spending on Facebook Ads you can monitor the performance if the campaign has been set up correctly with tracking pixels etc. All the data required is easily accessible through the Ads Manager tool within Facebook.

You can get a wide range of metrics to assist you measure your Return On Investment and gauge the performance of any campaign via the Facebook Adverts Manager. The information displayed includes:

  • The amount of clicks or several actions people took, like engagement, likes, shares and comments.
  • The total number of occasions your advert was shown (Impressions -the amount of different people that saw your advert (Reach) and the number of times it was shown (Frequency)
  • Cost data which includes average CPC (Cost per Click),  Cost per Conversion and Cost per Like based on your tracking and specific goals.

Ensure you spend some time analysing your campaigns and ad performance and be sure to test out several targeting options and adverts to see what works.

Reason 5: Gain A Competitive Edge!

Hopefully by now you have seen how powerful advertising on Facebook can be in terms of the potential audience available.

Many businesses large and small are not utilising this platform and are missing out on a wealth of potential customers. If your competitors are not advertising or advertising properly and you can, you will gain an awesome advantage and a chance to win business you might have otherwise lost out on.

By gaining people’s attention, creating brand exposure and increasing awareness you can easily get new sales leads, clients and customers by advertising on Facebook.

For a lot of people, creating and maintaining a Facebook advertising campaign can be a daunting task. You can quite easily end up spending a good chunk of money without getting the desired results.

This is why we recommend that you consider partnering with an experienced Facebook Ads manager that knows the platform inside out and can ensure that your audience targeting / conversion pixels and ad creation are created correctly along with ensuring the campaigns are monitored carefully.

To find out more about our Facebook Ads Management Service click here.

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